Meet Ting Braithwaite

Ting knows beef! Brahman beef to be precise. More often than not, that incredible stud bull cleaning up the trophy table at your local agricultural show – will be one of his. It takes true passion and dedication to breed beef of this standard, which is why we’re so pleased that Ting’s family also own and run the abattoir – where all of dingdong farmer’s red meat is slaughtered, as well as the butchery – where your red meat is sectioned- because these guys are as fanatical about animals as they are about quality.

Meet Tam Braithwaite

This is a city girl to country girl real life story. Tam lived in Joberg, until she married Ting. Now every morning she can be found collecting your free range eggs with her own fair, french manicured, hands – who said farm work couldn’t be glamorous work?!

Meet Danny

For ostrich and venison, Danny is your man. He and his father have been processing game for decades, long before the health conscious made it fashionable, when it was just about the unique flavour – and that’s why they’re the best.

Meet Bull

Bull does chickens! Hormone free, brine free, the best you’ll ever eat chickens. And when he’s not doing chickens, he’s throwing veggie seeds in the ground, so that you can have some pumpkin with your roast and cabbage with your stir-fry.

Meet Simon

Simon hatches trout fingerlings and raises them in the garden of his mountain retreat , taking care to divert the natural stream straight through their habitat, so they live and taste exactly as they should.

Meet ‘Pig’

Pig’s beef is raised in the thorn veld, where the grass is sweet and the cattle can even be found browsing in the winter. He also has a veggie farm. And he manufactures fruit and aloe juice from the thousands of aloes growing naturally on his land. Oh yeah, and he is the founder and owner of Dingdong Farmer…