Where do you deliver?

If you live in Ballito, Umhlanga, Hillcrest, Durban North, Westville, Pietermaritzberg, Hilton, Howick or Ladysmith we will deliver straight from our farms to your front door. If you live in Bergville or Winterton you can arrange a pick-up! If we don’t deliver to your area, but you think we should please contact us at info@dingdongfarmer.co.za

Once I’ve placed an order, when will I get it?

If you live in Pietermaritzberg, Hilton, Howick or Ladysmith , Westville,  Ballito, Umhlanga, Hillcrest or Durban North you order on or before Sunday you will receive your groceries on Friday. If you live in Bergville or Winterton you can order on Sunday and pick-up on Thursday.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Yes, there is a flat rate delivery fee of R50 per order. This includes rental of your wooden crate which your groceries will arrive in, and which you will swap for a new one on your next delivery!

Is your checkout/payment process secure?

Yes, we use Payfast in order to process payments, which is a leading online payment processing service trusted by thousands of South African retailers.

What time will my delivery arrive?

Your order should be with you between 10am and 4pm. You will receive a text message with an approximate time of delivery, so you can make sure someone is home.


How will my delivery be packaged?

 Your groceries will be delivered in a crate or disposable cooler box. With your next order, a new crate will arrive and you simply give the old one back; easy and environmentally friendly.

How is your beef aged?

All of our beef in dry-aged; this is a centuries old tradition where whole sides of beef are hung in the open air at cold temperatures for 21 days. During this crucial period, enzymes break down the muscle tissue to promote tenderness and, specifically to ‘dry- aging’, the meat is gently dehydrated, improving the texture and intensifying the flavor.

This process has become less popular due, not to the effect, but to the fact that it is more timely and costly than the more wide-spread wet-aging, which is when the meat is left to mature with-in its vacuum pack.

We believe that quality of meat is everything, which is why all of our beef is hung and dry-aged in the cold mountain air.

What is the difference between your ‘A’ Grade and ‘C’ Grade cuts?

All meat is independently standardized, graded and stamped (That’s what the coloured ink you sometimes find on your steak is; Purple for ‘A’ Grade, Green for ‘C’ Grade) . The Grade of meat is no indication of quality and simply refers to the age of the animal, so and ‘A’ Grade cut is from a younger animal and a ‘C’ Grade cut is from an older animal.  In general terms, the older the animal, the less tender the meat, however, because of our dry-aging process, we doubt you’d notice the difference!

What about expiry dates?

Our products are fresh from the farm. We recommend our meat is either refrigerated and consumed within 4 days or frozen and consumed within 1 month. Our eggs and cheese should be consumed within 14 days and our butter within 4 months.

Why does pricing always change?

Crop pricing depends on who is planting and harvesting when, which depends on the rain! Meat pricing depends on crop pricing and grazing, and again…rain!

Are Your Suppliers Accredited?

All of our meat and dairy come from local accredited abattoirs and/or butcheries.

Damview Farming – 036 448 1977

The Aloes Game Farm – 036 4222834

Ambleside Meats – 036 4881499